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Glisten Washer Magic Washing Machine Cleaner

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Use Glisten Washer Magic Washing Machine Cleaner to eradicate smells and any harmful mildew. Glisten Washer Magic comes with a NEW concentrated formula and three uses in one bottle.

Keeps washing machines working their best.

Glisten Washer Magic Cleans, Freshens & Maintains

- Cleans away harmful mildew
- Freshens by removing odour causing residue
- Maintains by eliminating mineral build-up

Washer Magic is recommended by many washing machine manufacturers

3rd party lab tests show that Washer Magic is:

  • As effective on removal of hard water
  • As effective on removal of rust stains or build up
  • Almost THREE times more effective for soap & old detergent residue removal

  • The liquid formula cleans also the front Load Rubber Seal without damaging and automatically cleans the detergent dispenser as well as existing odour and build-up problems in less time.
    Safe for all models

    Also available in cases of 6

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